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Clear, challenging, attainable goals

Custom plans

Bimonthly talks

How does it work?

Welcome and initial assessment

- We want to get to know you, know your interests, your strengths your dreams and where we can help you improve

- We want to know what is your starting point, your current fitness level and your body composition so we can establish objectives and a plan of action that is made just for you

Establishing your goals

- We work around clear and challenging yet attainable goals. This is what allows us to measure the progress and satisfaction of our clients.

- We establish your goals together as a team, so do not worry, we will always take into account your ambitions and concerns

Once we establish a starting point and a goal

- We will assign a personalized training plan set to conquer your weaknesses and make your strengths shine. We will modify it every month as soon as you do your part and follow the plan!

- Utilizamos un sistema de puntos: si cumples con disciplina tus entrenamientos, ganas puntos, de lo contrario, los vas perdiendo. ¡Queremos mantenerte motivado!

We believe nutrition is just as important

- That is why with us you will find meal plans customized to your needs, your goals and of course in synch with your training plan

We have additional tools such as

- Talks, blogs and content focused on well-being and mind training. We consider this to be essential to your goal conquering and to reach consistency in the long term. We cater to your mental health as much as your physical wellness


Game Rules

Motivation and commitment

We take seriously our commitment to you and we help you keep motivated and satisfied with your results. Nevertheless, as with every other successful relationship we also need you to do your part.

We invite you to read our game rules

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